Zucchini Pizza Boats

Sometimes, carbs are just too much! These zucchini pizza boats are vegetarian but you can always add meat if you wanted. I used to do bacon when I was a meat eater because, well, because bacon. 🥓 

Zucchini Pizza Boats 


-5 small zucchinis

-1/4 jar of onion and garlic tomato sauce

-1 bag baby spinach 

-1 onion of your choosing (I like red onions but they all sucked at the grocery today so I just used a yellow onion)

-about 8oz FRESH mozzarella 

-salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste 

-dabble of EVOO

-Poke zucchinis with a fork around the whole thing and put them all on a plate and microwave for about 6 mins, turning halfway 

-Sauté onion in EVOO on medium for about 10 mins then add bag of spinach and cook until spinach shrinks down. Add salt pepper and garlic powder to taste 

-Cut microwaved zucchini in half length wise and scoop out just the middle seed area 

-Spoon sauce in zucchini boats and top with spinach and onion mixture then top with mozz 

-Cook in oven on 400 for 10 mins then broil for about 30 seconds to get the brown spots on the cheese 

-Eat your face off!

You can also do them this way with shredded mozz 👆🏼

But I really didn’t like them as much as the boats.

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