Bacon Roses 

Bacon Roses are an awesome gift for anyone (except vegans)! I love them for gifts for my boyfriend because I never know what to get a man for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. 

Bacon Roses 
-Cut small aluminum foil strips (the same number as there are bacon strips in your package)
-Aluminum foil your cookie sheet and spray with pammy Pam

-Open bacon 

-Take a strip of bacon and roll it up

-Then wrap one piece of small aluminum foil, that you previously cut, around 3/4 of the strip so you can wrap the aluminum foil around the bottom (visualize a chipotle burrito picture where part of the burrito is sticking out from the aluminum foil part)

-Repeat until you have all of your little bacons

-Poke 4-6 holes in each aluminum foiled bacon rose with a toothpick to allow grease to escape 

-Pop them right side up on your cookie sheet

-Bake on 400 for about 45 minutes, you’ll know when they’re crispy and done

-Let them cool down before working with them 

-Pop on a skewer and put in a vase or glass!

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