Pistachio Mint Cones

When I was younger, one of my aunts always made my brother and I a Pistachio Mint cake for our birthdays. My mom used to also make us cupcake cones to take to school for our birthdays.

When I grew up, I decided to combine the two and make these delicious special treats! Are they ice cream? No! Cake! 


  • 1 box yellow cake mix 
  • The amount of oil, water and eggs it states on the box 
  • 1 box instant pistachio pudding 
  • 1 box Andes candies 
  • 1 container frosting with the sprinkles 
  • 1 box cake cones 


-Preheat oven according to cake box

-Unwrap Andes candies and put in freezer 

-Mix the cake mix, oil, water, eggs and pistachio pudding together. 

-Place cones in a 13×9 pan and add aluminum foil balled up in any corners to keep them from tipping over. 

-Spoon the cake batter into cones up to the first ridge, not all the way to the top. Then push an Andes candy into each filled cone all the way down and sort of cover it up a bit with the cake batter.

-Bake according to the cupcake time on the box. Check by sticking a toothpick in it but be weary of the chocolate that’s in the middle. 

-Once they have cooled, frost them and add the sprinkles so it looks like vanilla or chocolate frosting (whichever you prefer)

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