Mountain Pie Eggs 

Oh Em Gee Y’all! Easy eggs cooked on the fire is a vegetarians dream breakfast! 

First, you gotta obtain another human to do the dirty work. 

I chose this guy 👇🏼

Second, you must convince said human to build you a fire 👇🏼

Ah yes, there ya go 🔥 

For normal mountain pies, I do not do this next step BUT for eggs, you MUST preheat your pie irons! There are many-a-name for mountain pie makers, so let me just show you a picture so you know what the heck I’m talking about 👇🏼

Those are 2 mountain pie makers. You put them together to make a sandwich sized parcel to put into the fire to cook. 

Ok, so you’ve put your empty mountain pie makers in the 🔥 so they get super hot. Take them out and open them up. This is when you spray your makers with some Pam and crack your eggs. No more than 2 eggs will fit. 

This video below is sizzle porn! I would watch it twice 😜

That felt great, didn’t it?! 🍳 

Once your eggs are in the fire, they only take a minute or two tops, flipping halfway. Keep an eye on those babies! 

It is now time to make a sandwich (or wrap) using the eggs you just made and that handy dandy mountain pie maker you just used. Well, you can just eat the egg as is, really, add some veggies in it before cooking it, but what fun is that when you’re on vacation?! Gotta live a little!

Then put that baby back in the 🔥 for a couple minutes, flipping halfway and voila! 

Again, you could add chopped veggies in the mountain pie maker before adding the eggs or add veggies to your sandwich before toasting it. I just did cheese on this one but the possibilities are endless! 

You could easily do a wrap too, you just have to wrap up the tortilla like a square parcel! 

Or you can just warm up your tortilla for your wrap on the fire while your egg is cooking for an even easier eggy breakfast! 

Have fun with your fire! It doesn’t have to always be marshmallows and hot dogs! 

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