Campfire Churros (Vegan)

Marshmallows have gelatin, which means they’re not vegan. Vegan marshmallows are a thing but are like $10 a bag. I didn’t have enough time before camping to make my own vegan marshmallows so I came up with another quick sweet treat to make on the fire!

Full Recipe Video

My family and I loved these on my birthday! It was so much fun to record this video with them! Shout out to Melissa for the flashlight assist!

Oh and then I put my Vegan Chocolate Pudding on top and it was everything!!!!


  • 1 tube of crescent roll dough
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Pam
  • Skewers (or a whittled stick that you can do just one at a time and hold it over the flames like you would roast a marshmallow)


  1. Pour some sugar on a plate and mix in the amount of ground cinnamon that you prefer…some people like different ratios of cinnamon to sugar.
  2. Open the crescent rolls and wrap around a skewer or a roasting stick. (I used skewers to multiple at once for my fam jam but I like doing it on roasting sticks that you found in the woods and whittled and can sit by the fire and roast it on the flames)
  3. Cover your rolled dough in the cinnamon and sugar mixture until fully coated.
  4. Spray with some pam.
  5. Roast on ye ol Fire!
  6. Enjoy! (I loved putting that vegan pudding on it yo!)

Yummo! Nothin like phallic shaped foods in my mouth for a picture šŸ¤£


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