Epic Vegan Burger

I went a little crazy and made something that even an omnivore won’t be able to resist!

This is a vegan burger filled with vegan crab dip, topped with a vegan jalapeño and bacon popper onion ring, in between vegan pretzel buns filled with vegan nacho cheese. Yes, you read that right.

Be sure to watch my video for more info and fun!

The first thing you gotta do is make the vegan pretzel buns filled with WayFare Nacho Cheddar.

Then you’ll need some cold leftover vegan crab dip. On parchment paper, I scooped and spread out circular discs of the ‘crab’ dip and popper it in the freezer.

You’ll also need to prepare some vegan jalapeño popper onion rings.

Once that is all done, take the ‘crab’ dip discs out of the freezer and put in the middle of your favorite vegan burger. I used the beyond burger for this one. Then I just gently wrapped the beyond burger around the frozen crab dip. I sea salted the prepared burgers and popped them in the grill until they were done.

Then you just assemble your burger the way you want! I used some tomato and spinach because were trying to be healthy here! Hahaha! Totally kidding! I know this is like a once a month kind of meal.



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