Vegan S’mores

Y’all. It was time to get wild with some s’mores ideas. I tried to use readily available items so hopefully you can easily give them a whirl too this summer!

The first thing I tried was pretzel crisps with the sunflower seed butter cups!

These were super good. The saltiness really balanced the sweet. I wish it didn’t break apart as easily on me though. Maybe a ritz next time?

Of course we had to try Oreos!

I found that using an opened Oreo instead of an Oreo on top and an Oreo on the bottom worked best.

Look at how adorable! These were probably my fave but also one was enough because so sweet!

Lastly, I found this coffee chocolate bar that was vegan and paired it with biscoff cookies for a tiramisu vibe

Greg loved these the most, shocker, he loves coffee! The bitterness helps balance the flavors which was nice

I hope those sparked some ideas for ya! If you can’t find vegan marshmallows for cheap near you, here is my recipe…

And then here’s my video of the s’mores if you’re interested in some extra camping vloggy fun ton


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