My Story

I got my bachelors degree in psychology and worked in the mental health field for nonprofit organizations for about 6 years. I worked with people with severe mental illnesses and complex medical issues. I used cooking and baking as a coping skill, a way to relax, if you will. Then I got some health issues and had to leave the field and take care of myself. 

During my time off, I ended up catering my moms wedding (which had literally no stove, no refrigerator, no microwave and only a sink in the bathroom, and a teeny space). The creativity and problem solving to feed a large group of people with elegance was such a fun challenge! I realized at that time that perhaps there’s something to this life change that I’m missing. Perhaps using my love of cooking and baking was my new career path. I was also still working on my health this past year when I found Veganism. My boyfriend, Greg, jumped into the change, as well. 

We go vegetarian about once a week because, well, we’re only human. However, knowing where our food comes from is a big part of our lifestyle change. We are lucky to have local markets near us so that we can purchase local, organic dairy products. We try to use that when we go vegetarian. But like I said earlier, we’re only human and sometimes life gets in the way. We’re all about harm reduction in our house, not perfection.

Veganism and Vegetarianism have a negative stigma. Through my recipes and baked goods, I hope to change that. It doesn’t have to be gross. It’s not all made from soy. You can be healthy and get your taste bud needs satisfied. That’s where my etsy shop came from. Slowly, I have been perfecting and adding my baked goods to my store. 

I hope you enjoy all the recipes I share here too. I have a plethora of older recipes that contain meat that I will share too for those meat eaters out there! These are real recipes that I make and eat. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing weird. Just delicious home cookin’!

Side note: I’m a cat enthusiast.