Cauliflower Tacos Round 2!

Ok so normally I just chop up some Cauliflower and either just use buffalo sauce or sriracha. Sometimes I’ll use taco seasoning, but that’s about it. 

Then I saw something amazing! I saw someone use one of those hand cheese grater dealies. Yes. They grated their Cauliflower on it. Here’s why I was so pumped…..because I didn’t have to use my food processor. Not because I don’t like it, but because I hate washing all the pieces, ya feel me?! 

Just look at how beautiful! 

One head of cauliflower for one packet of taco seasoning, basically. So, grate your Cauliflower. Then toss it in a pan on medium with some EVOO and salt and pepper. Sauté that up for a few minutes and then add your taco seasoning and water, per the directions. Follow the directions on the taco seasoning with bringing it to a boil and then reducing to thicken it up. 

Bam. Cauliflower tacos. Use whatever shells you like, or you can just make a taco salad. Top with the toppings of your choosing! 


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