Liquor Basket Gift

One of the first gifts I ever got for my now fiancé was this liquor pot I made!

Aside from the liquor and pot, I got everything else at the dollar store! It was such a big hit, many versions have been made for many a men on many an occasion!

I wanted to try and show you a variety of what you can do with it based on what supplies you have on hand or from the dollar tree! Use your creativity!

Things you’ll need:

  • A vase or a pot. The dollar store usually has both and just depends on what you’re looking for and how much money you got laying around.
  • Rocks or water beads. From the dollar store! I’ve also gotten flower arrangement styrofoam from the dollar store to stick in the bottom so I use less decorative rocks.
  • Skewers. Again, I got mine at the dollar store but you can also get them for about a dollar from the grocery store. I’ve also used chop sticks too!
  • Mini liquor bottles. You can get an assortment of these or just one kind that the gift recipient enjoys. You can also add candy, cigars or scratch off tickets too! Anything, really!
  • Hot glue and a hot glue gun
  • Ribbon and/or any other decorations you want to add to your vase or pot!


  1. Start by hot gluing all of your liquor bottles to your skewers. I like to put them at varying heights so they sit nicer when placed in the pot.
  2. Fill your pot with the decorative rocks (and styrofoam first if you chose that route).
  3. Begin arranging your skewered liquor in the vase/pot.
  4. Add ribbon and any extra decorations.
  5. Voila! Any one would love this gift, but I found it perfect for the male species because I never know what to get them!

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