Crunchwrap Supreme (Vegan)

Once Taco Bell took away the fiesta potatoes, I stopped going because that was my fave to replace meat there. Of course when I made this recipe a couple days ago I didn’t realize that today they’d announce the potatoes are coming back in March! Ha!

Buuuut the cool thing about this baby is that it’s legit! We got mock meat, we got vegan cheese, we got all the things to make it taste exactly like the meat eaters version which I haven’t had in over 5 years!

Be sure to watch my video for more tips and fun!


  • Impossible grounds
  • Taco seasoning
  • Large Soft taco shells
  • WayFare vegan cheddar
  • Hard taco shells broken in half or tostado
  • WayFare vegan sour cream
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Pico de Gallo or just chopped tomatoes


  • Brown impossible and add taco seasoning and water at the end to make it taco-y
  • Assemble by first putting the cooked impossible, then the cheddar, then the tostado or hard taco shells, then sour cream, then lettuce then pico
  • Wrap up like a Crunchwrap (you may be able to do it as is but if your soft shells are a little too small you can add another piece in the middle and wrap up so it’s fully covered
  • Toast in a cast iron pan on both sides, starting with the folded side
  • Enjoy!

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