The Chew Appearance 

I don’t have all the fancy high channels on the tv. I just have the basic broadcast networks. So, for me, The Chew is something I watch religiously! It’s not just fun, it’s research. If you’re familiar with The Chew, you’ll know they have a hashtag that is #youonthechew. Naturally, any food I post on social media, I use that hashtag.

I’ve had people from the show message me before asking about certain recipes, but nothing really came of it……until….March 16! A day that will live in infamy! 😂

One of the associate producers not only found me on instagram, but my Facebook page too! He left his phone number this time, not just an email AND said he was interested in using my recipe for a show on Thursday the 23rd! I immediately called him!

He called me back the next day and we discussed my story and set up a time for him to call me back with their culinary team. I then talked with the culinary team and went over my recipe for my Spinach and Artichoke Puffs! I emailed pictures of myself and my food, as well.

Then. On Thursday. March 23. The Chew crew cooked my recipe on their show! They also added my recipe to their website! I will add that link here 👇🏼

Also, it’s still ondemand, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! I am still elated at this amazing opportunity! The folks from the show that I actually talked to were the nicest, most fun people! It made me fall in love with The Chew all over again!

They have a clip on their website too that has them cooking the recipe but doesn’t show them tasting, which is my most favorite part of cooking! So I went ahead and added that part below! Iron Chef Michael Symon’s reaction confirmed I’m on the right path!

You can also find my blog post about the recipe they chose for the show here 👇🏼


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