Fruit Cake (Vegan)

My fiancé and I have summer birthdays, just 2 days apart. Our first year we made the switch to veganism, we had a vegan cookout and made this beautiful cake out of fruit! It was super easy! Oh and my friends kid, who was a 3 year old super picky eater, asked for seconds on cake! I’m pretty sure it was because he thought it was actual cake so that made me laugh!

Full How To Video

You can use any fruit for this and get as creative as you like. However, you do need watermelon as your base to make it large.

Today, I did a different version with different fruit to celebrate my brother’s birthday!

First thing you do is cut off the ends of the watermelon so you can stand it up. Then you can use a bowl that fits over just the pink area and not the green rind to use that as your guide (or just go rogue like me). I used a long bread knife to go around the rind and then you can lift the outside green rind part right up and voila! There’s your cake base! You can always trim it up if you don’t cut it perfectly so don’t stress!

Then use any fruit you want to decorate it! I used a melon baller on the ends of the water melon so it didn’t go to waste and used those as decorations. I also went with kiwi, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries because that’s what I had on hand. I’ve also done mango and pineapple too.

You could even get crazy and use coconut whipped cream for extra ‘icing’ decoration! If you make this, please share your pictures! I’d love to see your decorations and what fruits you use!


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